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Fast Track Your Hiring Process

Streamline your reference check process into a few simple clicks

more insights on candidates

to start the reference process

faster than traditional methods

We know your 

problems and what frustrates you

Manual, slow and cumbersome

Busy referees, continual chasers and paper forms

Poor hiring decisions due to  inaccurate results

...and robin can help you

Know your

candidates better

Holistic data-driven candidate

insights augmenting decision making

Make the right

hiring decisions

Actionable referee feedback with scientifically designed questionnaires

Secure and Safe

Compliant to personal data

privacy laws with a secure platform

Simplify your

hiring process

Integrable to your existing HR systems, keeping your hiring process seamless

Loved by employers

and candidates 

Intuitive, easy and customisable to your needs — offering you a better hiring experience

With robin, you can

Streamline your reference process into a few clicks


Your team will only require the candidate's email address to start a reference check.

robin automatically collates feedback from referees for you and gives you full transparency on the progress. 

It is now that simple!

Platform accessible via mobile and desktop

Candidates and referees can respond at any time, any where. 

Referees will only require a few minutes to respond via mobile or desktop. Have reference checks completed as fast as within 24 hours. 

You no longer need to play another game of phone-tag!

Protect your organisation from potential fraud

Reference-frauds are difficult to prevent with conventional reference check methods.

Two-layered fraud detection measure put in place to highlight potential reference frauds. 

Mitigate risk with early detection!

Enhance your hiring process today

Comprehensive reference check results,

with so much less effort.

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