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robin believes in People. 

People with the right talent, drive and integrity form the foundation of a successful company.

At robin, we believe that humans are integral in the management of human resources. We also believe that technology can remove the pain of manual tasks. Data can help to augment decision making, not just at the time of hiring, but also to engage and retain talent.

We see the pains you go through to conduct checks manually — technology can rid you of them. Not only that, it enables an efficient collection of qualitative data that will aid you in your decision-making as you search for the right fit to your company.

Our reference check platform is designed bearing all these in mind, and is the fastest and most dependable solution to your problems. Everything we do is centred around Humans, Data and Digitisation so that you can focus on what matters most. 

Better experience for hiring managers, candidates and referees

Data driven holistic insights augmenting your decision making

Enables you to hire the right people, manage and retain talent

Here's our management team.

Core to robin are two co-founders with a wealth of experience gained from over 25 years of building teams in corporates, banks and start-ups. We understand the pain-points you’re going through.

robin is a culmination of the shared commitment that we have in making

improvements to the process.


 Siddharth Kumar

CEO & Co-founder



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