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Business Development

You wake up every morning with two goals, to seek new business opportunities and to strengthen existing relationships with clients. 

You understand the pain-points of Human Resource and Talent Acquisition managers. 

Marketing Executive

You're a strategist and a growth hacker at the same time, comfortable with marketing plans and savvy on consumer behaviour.


You can't decide if you love B2B marketing more than digital marketing. Now you have both.

UI/UX Designer

You are adept at designing customer research, creating the personas and mapping the customer journey.


You put the customer first in every discussion. You hate their pain-points more than they do. You're relentless in creating intuitive experiences.

You bring to life what has been designed for the best customer experience ever. 

You're hungry about building as much as learning. You know

HTML5,  Javascript, CSS, ReactJS

like the back of your hand.

Front-end Developer

You devour front-end languages for breakfast and lunch, while savouring back-end APIs for dinner. You just love building.

You speak HTML, HTML5, Javascript, CSS, jQuery, ReactJS, and is also proficient in NodeJS

Full Stack Developer

Member of

National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS)

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